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Privacy Policy 


Pettitt Photography will only collate the data and personal information given to us with consent by yourself in relation to your event. If at any time, you wish to see the information we hold about you, we are very happy to comply. If at any time, you wish for Pettitt Photography to delete the information we hold about you, we will do so immediately. Your data is stored on a password protected static Apple iMac. Temporarily, your information is stored as a PDF document on our mobile iPhones, this is for the sake of easy transport on your event day and our need for important details such as addresses and phone numbers when mobile.


None of your information will be given to ANY third party without your explicit consent, however, there is no reason for us to share your details. Upon signing our agreement, you are given the option to give permission for Pettitt Photography to use your media (photos/videos) on our main website; and our linked social media pages ( and and . The sole reason for posting your photos and videos is to advertise the Pettitt Photography business to future or existing clients. If you do not want your media to be shared in this way, please let us know and we will not post these anywhere. 


Although people’s faces are not currently classed as personal data according to EU law, we ask that you make all of your guests at your event well aware that you have employed a photographer and videographer for your big day and our intentions for your photos and videos clear. 

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