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A family engagement session in the forest

KaraHarry (57).jpg

Kara and Harry initially got in contact with me to photograph their newborn son, Henry. They welcomed me with open arms and Henry was such a dream newborn to photograph. At this session I learnt that the pair had got engaged while Kara was pregnant. After seeing my wedding portfolio, they booked me to photograph their wedding in 2024 and I couldn’t wait to get to work with them again.


A highlight of all of my wedding packages is that they include a pre-wedding photoshoot too; a chance for us to spend a bit more time together ahead of the wedding to get some practise and get to know each other a bit better. Our original date for this session got rescheduled due to stormy weather and my goodness I’m glad we changed to this lovely sunny day in August. We incorporated their little boy, Henry, into their album to make it a family/engagement session- this is very popular with our brides and grooms that have children. 


We took a walk through the forest, plied with snacks for little Henry and the conversation just flowed. From finding out the couple’s origins to plans for the wedding day whilst at the same time taking spontaneous stops to capture some beautiful portraits.  


This album really encapsulates Harry and Kara’s love together, joy in their relationship and eagerness to tie the knot. If this is just the preview of the wedding day itself- wow, I can’t wait!

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