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5 ways to save money when planning your Surrey wedding

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

5 ways to save money when planning your Surrey wedding

So many of my clients tell me their frustrations at planning their Surrey wedding and how much it costs. That is exactly why I've put together this top list of 5 ways that you can save money when planning your big day. I know how difficult it can be to plan your dream day when you're working to a specific budget. So, here's some cracking tips to help you have the wedding that you've always wanted without having to break the bank and still be paying for it 20 years down the line!

  1. Forget the favours! How much money could you save by not ordering those personalised bottle openers that will sit in a drawer and not be looked at? I thought I could save money here by just gifting some sweets in a little organza bag; it still ended up costing a bunch of money and about 75% were left on the table at the end of the night! This a super easy way to save- really weigh up how important it is to you to have favour because the chances are, your guests won't miss them!

  2. Reuse your flowers! You've probably allocated a budget towards your flowers for the big day, whether that's as your bouquets or dressing the table. The key tip here is to REUSE the flowers from one part of the day to another part. Here's an example: the floral hoop you have decorating your ceremony table can then be moved to decorate your head table during the reception. Or perhaps your bridesmaids' bouquets can be used as centre pieces in the dinner hall. BAM- that's potentially your flower budget halved by thinking smarter.

  3. Buy from the high-street! Nowadays you can really see a HUGE price gap between dresses and accessories bought from bridal boutiques and the high-street. Now, this is not me saying you need to buy your wedding gown from New Look, but rather think about different options. Lots of online brands such as ASOS or Boohoo now offer 'bridal' lines with options like bridesmaids' dresses without the huge price tag. As well as this, instead of getting your jewelled hair pins or hairpieces direct from the bridal shop, have a look at options in the high street in your local town. The chances are you aren't intending to wear these kinds of things often, so don't feel like you have to break the bank to have them.

  4. Do you need the album too? I LOVE seeing photos in print, but at this moment in time you need to ask yourself whether your budget will stretch to a full professionally printed album. A lot of photographers will only offer their services if you also book to have an album printed too. If it's not a priority for you right now, opt for the digital only packages which may include a USB to be able to design your own album later down the line (should you wish.)

  5. Get to renting! Weddings may cost a lot of money, and something that adds to that is all of the decorations for the big day that you were desperate to have but now have zero use for. There are companies out there now that give you the ability to RENT table plans, centre pieces and general decorations so that you don't spend a fortune buying it all separately and then be unable to see your garage or spare room floor for the entire time you're planning your wedding. Think smart and rent what you don't intend to keep after the big day.

If these tips have helped you, enquire now to see how else we can help you create your dream day!

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