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5 poses for when you feel awkward in front of the camera

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

This has got to be the top concern I have from my clients: 'we're so awkward in front of the camera', 'we don't know how to take nice photos'. So here it is- 5 great poses for when you are feeling awkward when you're having your pictures taken. Whether it's for an outdoor couple's session or an at home portrait session with your partner, check out these tips to make sure that your photo session knocks it out of the park without you feeling like you want the ground to

swallow you!

  1. The Walk and Stare

It's this easy- take a slow walk towards the camera whilst holding hands and looking at each other. Not only does this pose look super romantic, but it gives you the chance to look at each other rather than the camera lens.

2. Head-to-Head

It's another pose that will avoid you looking at the camera but gives you that intimate moment with your other half and not thinking about being awkward. You can easily still talk to each other in this pose which gives you that extra reassurance too.

3. Fly the Plane

The main purpose of this pose is to get you to loosen up and relax for the camera. One of you stands behind the other and flies their arms like an aeroplane. It's a sure thing to get giggles and with that some really adorable photos- not awkward at all!

4. The Bear Hug

Not only is this pose super cute but it's your opportunity to have a cuddle during your session. Whether that cuddle is to calm down, loosen up or just pretend the photoshoot isn't happening- that bit is totally up to you! 5. The Nose Kiss

'The Nose Kiss'- did you know, some people have to kiss with their noses because if they kiss with their mouths they might freeze together! Okay, so we don't have that problem here in England, but the sentiment is still adorable and totally NOT awkward. Give it a try next time you've got a session booked.

The top tip for having photos taken will always be 'be yourself'. If you can do that then I have every faith everything else will just fall into place. But these poses will help you to feel more comfortable and remember a really special moment shared with each other and help you treasure these photos for the future.

If you want to know more about how we can help you get those photos you've always wanted, then enquire today!

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