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Should I have a pre-wedding photoshoot?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The short answer is YES, if your budget allows, of course. This is the first year that I have offered a pre-wedding photoshoot with all of my wedding photography packages, and there’s lots of reasons for this. You may be reading this because you’re still unsure about whether it’s a good idea (or whether it’s worth it) and that is exactly why I’ve written this blog. Have a read and you'll learn why booking a pre-wedding photoshoot will be one of the many great decisions you make when planning your wedding..

  1. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your photographer. It’s no coincidence that I’ve put this one first as I really see this as the biggest bonus! You are going to spend a surprising amount of time with your photographer on your big day, so making sure that you actually get on is a necessity. On your wedding day, the time you will have together 1:1 with your photographer will be limited, so having this precious time to get to know each other is incredibly valuable. It’s my opportunity to get to know the people in front of the lens: your interests, your professions, your taste in music - lots to build a detailed picture of who you are, which in turn enables me to take the best photographs of you both. It’s also your opportunity to ask me all of your questions that you may not have had a chance to ask on the booking call, which ultimately will put your mind at rest for the big day.

2. You get to practice having your photograph taken. For most people, a pre-wedding photoshoot is the first professional photoshoot you’ve ever had, and wouldn’t you rather you get the chance to practice this before the actual wedding? You get the opportunity to practice some poses, figure out what works well for you both and what you’ll repeat on the big day; or, maybe you'll try something that you’ll later avoid when you’re all suited and booted!

3. You’ll get to learn your photographer’s prompts. Time on your wedding day will be fleeting, with a couple's session sometimes only lasting 10 minutes in between the busy schedule of the day. For that reason, having a pre-wedding session lets you and your photographer communicate in a calm, non time restricted environment. For example, during your pre-wedding session I’ll be able to teach you exactly what I mean by ‘teeth kiss’, ‘chest to chest’ and ‘fly the plane’, so that when it comes to your wedding we’re not spending time learning poses, which then means more photos for you -winning!

4. You get to be the model. You’ve probably followed your photographer’s work for a little while, and I’m sure you love it - otherwise you probably wouldn’t have booked them. But had you envisioned yourself in the photos? You may have looked through your photographer’s portfolio and thought ‘hmm, I’m not sure that would work for me’, or ‘I’m not confident MY pictures would look that way’ - by having a pre-wedding session, you get to see the proof in the pudding. You get to put yourself in the centre of the frame and be the subject for your photographer’s latest work, which, when edited in their signature style, I am sure will make you very happy.

5. You get an awesome set of photographs to treasure forever. And why would you want to say no to that? Historically, I see my couple’s pre-wedding photographs all over their wedding, whether in a welcome sign, table decorations or on a slideshow - you are able to use them however you wish! You may want to keep the album private and that's totally fine, but it is a complimentary album for you to remember a very special time with your partner, and remember the excitement leading up to the big day itself. And if nothing else, you’ve got a cracking new profile picture for your socials!

So there you go, 5 reasons why you definitely should have a pre-wedding session! There’s so many benefits, and this year, ALL of my packages include a pre-wedding session completely free. So to take advantage of this bonus, enquire now and let’s get started on your journey to capturing your wedding timelessly.


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