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When should I do my pre-wedding photoshoot?

Imagine this, you’ve booked your wedding, then you’ve booked your photographer, then you realise they also offer a pre-wedding photoshoot with the package you’ve chosen- but when should you do this photoshoot? This is exactly why I’ve put together this blog- to help you decide. Generally, I get booked for weddings over a year in advance which means that my clients have the chance to choose from all four seasons of when to do their photos. There is no right answer as to when you should choose, but I’m here to give you some guidance to make sure you are ultimately thrilled with your photographs.

Here’s some things to consider before you choose your session date: 1. What is your photographer’s turnaround time to get these photos back? - For example, so many of my couples like to use their pre-wedding photos somewhere in their wedding, perhaps in table decorations or seating plans which is why I usually recommend that we do the photoshoot at least a month before the big day as my turnaround time is currently one month.

2. Do you want to use these photos for your save the dates or invitations? - If that’s the case then you might want to do your photoshoot pretty soon after you’ve booked your photographer so that you can announce you big day sooner rather than later.

3. Do your research of what kind of photos make your heart flutter. - For instance, if the thought of a sunset scape in a summer dress makes your heart fill with joy, it may not be best to book in this session for the midst of December. Jump onto Pinterest or Google to see some examples to get an idea of the vibe you like- or just check out the photos below! 4. Are you choosing a location that is only available at a certain time of the year? - If you decide that your must have it do do your pre-wedding photos at a Christmas Market, you’re unlikely to then book it in June.

So here they are: when should you do your pre-wedding photos, broken down by season with some pros and cons. Spring

Months included: March, April, May

Spring pre-weddings are really lovely for so many reasons, the main one being the sunlight. This is the point of the year that the days are getting longer and brighter, the temperature is starting to heat up and flowers are beginning to bloom. In terms of what you’re wearing- you could likely ditch the big winter coats at this point and opt for some more relaxed options like shirts or dresses with lighter jackets.

The good bits: The colours are so vibrant at this time of the year as the flowers and gardens start to come to life. This is a great option if you picture a colourful, fun and lively landscape for your photos. The not so great bits: The weather can be a bit unpredictable at the this time- you’ve heard of April showers right? Which means that if you’ve got your heart set on pleasant Spring sunshine, just have your expectation set that you may need a bit flexible with the exact date. Summer

Months included: June, July, August

Summer is great for a bit more predictability with the weather and those gorgeous orange hues that come with Summer sun. The weather is generally warmer which means to get to wear your best summer gear- pretty dresses and sun hats or even your sunglasses. You may have more a scope with what time of day you’d like to do your photos too- this is the season I would recommend booking your session if you want to do a sunset skyline photoshoot as we have much more time to play with the light.

The good bits: Weather is more predictable, brighter and warmer. You can get creative with where you choose- for example heading down to the beach or a lake setting as everywhere is open and available during the Summer.

The not so great bits: It can get pretty hot and if you didn’t picture having your photos slathered in sun cream with sweat dripping down your forehead you may then have to be a bit more creative with what time of the day to book your session. For example, choosing sun rise or sun set will avoid the peek heat but getting up at 6am may not be your idea of fun. With school Summer holidays, popular locations may be busier than normal so bear this is mind when choosing where to do your session.


Months included: September, October, November

This time of the year ticks the boxes if you picture your photos having orange leaves falling to the floor, boots and jackets and maybe a few pumpkins along the way. The weather isn’t quite so hot so you can play with your wardrobe a bit more than before. You can also get some great shots of kicking the leaves and starting to get all snuggly together before the Winter comes.

The good bits: The fallen leaves provide a lovely backdrop and gives a lot of movement in your session to wade through them. The autumnal colours always come out so well on the camera so it’s a great choice if you love the deep orange and green palette. The not so great bits: Different places may experience Autumn sooner or later than others so trees may become bare quite soon so it’s key to aim for early Autumn if you want the classic Autumn look. Don’t be surprised if the weather isn’t perfect all of the time- we live in England after all and it’s a bit unpredictable.


Months included: December, January, February

The good bits: This is a really fun time of the year for cold and cuddly photos. You can then have a lot of fun with frosty landscapes or Christmassy backdrops. The colours of these photos tend to be a bit ‘colder’ so a great choice if you plan to use your photos at your wedding with a bit more of a ‘blue’ scheme. Oh, it’s also a great excuse to get a lovely coat to wear for your session too!

The not so great bits: The sunlight is quite short so you have much less choice of what time of day you do your photos as generally it’s already dark by 4pm. You’ll likely be wearing your winter coats for this session and if not you’ll probably be braving the cold instead so make sure you’re happy with either of those.

So there you go- pre-wedding sessions through the year- which was your favourite? There’s so much scope in England as we are so privileged to experience all 4 seasons in a year. So I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and it’s given you a helping hand on when to choose your session and as always, you can enquire below or drop me an email at and I’d love to help you further.

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