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How to nail your confetti photos- tips from a UK wedding photographer

Updated: Feb 24

Dear soon to be newlyweds, congratulations on embarking on this incredible journey together! Once you've said your 'I dos,' it's time to embrace the confetti chaos that awaits you. As your dedicated UK wedding photographer, I'm here to guide you through the art of capturing those unforgettable confetti moments. So let's dive into the confetti adventure and ensure your wedding album is brimming with joy!

1. Take Your Time: Because Your Love Story Deserves the Spotlight

Your love story is a masterpiece, and the confetti moment is a pivotal chapter. Don't rush it; let the excitement build. Take a moment to bask in the adoration of your guests before the confetti cascade begins. This is your time to shine, so savour every second and let the confetti rain down as the perfect punctuation to your love story.

2. Think About Your Facial Expression: Smile Like You Mean It

Amidst the confetti whirlwind, your faces are the stars of the show. Channel your inner joy, let your smiles light up the moment, and remember – a confetti photo is not the time for solemn expressions. Whether you're laughing, kissing, or caught in a confetti blizzard, wear your happiness proudly, and let your love radiate through the confetti-covered lens.

3. Get Confetti that Floats: Embrace the Gentle Dance of Love

Your confetti choice matters. Opt for the kind that dances gracefully through the air, creating a soft and dreamy atmosphere. This not only makes for mesmerizing photos but ensures that you're not dodging confetti missiles. Let the confetti tell the story of your love with its gentle descent, adding a touch of magic to every frame.

4. Get Confetti that Stands Out: Your Love, Your Colors

While classic white confetti is timeless, why not infuse your photos with a burst of your wedding colours? Choose confetti that complements your theme or adds a vibrant contrast to your attire. Make your confetti as unique as your love story, and let it paint a vivid canvas of celebration in your wedding album.

5. Get Lots of Confetti: Because More Confetti, More Memories

In the world of confetti photography, abundance is your ally. Don't hold back – go big! Shower yourselves in a confetti downpour, creating a spectacle that mirrors the grandeur of your love. The more confetti, the more memories captured, and the more spectacular your wedding album becomes.

Conclusion: Confetti Chronicles – Your Love in Full Bloom

Dear bride and groom, the confetti moment is a celebration of your journey together. Take your time, let your faces tell the tale, choose confetti that floats and stands out, and revel in the abundance of confetti joy. Your wedding album is a testament to your love, and each confetti-laden photo is a vibrant stroke in this masterpiece. So, embrace the confetti chaos – it's your love in full bloom!

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