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What should I wear to my engagement photoshoot? A Fashion Guide for Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Hello lovebirds! As a seasoned UK wedding photographer, I've seen it all – from quirky themes to traditional elegance. But before the big day arrives, there's the delightful anticipation of the pre-wedding photoshoot. Today, let's talk about the all-important question: What to wear? Fear not, my friends, as I guide you through this stylish maze with a sprinkle of wisdom.

- Be Comfortable

First and foremost, comfort is key! I can't stress this enough. Sure, those towering stilettos may look fabulous, but can you really strike a pose without wobbling like a tipsy flamingo? Opt for footwear that won't leave you hobbling – remember, we're capturing genuine moments, not practicing for a runway show.

Comfort doesn't stop at shoes. Choose breathable fabrics, especially if you're planning a shoot in the great British outdoors. Layers are your friend – you never know when the weather might pull a surprise maneuver. Embrace the idea of looking effortlessly chic, like you just happened to wake up looking fabulous. Spoiler: you did.

Be You

Your pre-wedding photos should reflect the real you – not a glam version you think you should be. It's not a costume party; it's a celebration of your unique connection. So, if your daily attire involves jeans and a band tee, don't suddenly don a ballgown for the photoshoot. Authenticity is magnetic and makes for timeless photos.

Think about your favorite outfits that make you feel amazing. Whether it's a vintage jacket, a quirky accessory, or matching Converse sneakers – let your personality shine. These photos are a time capsule of your love story, so make sure the clothes tell the right tale.

Avoid Quick Fashion Trends

Ah, trends – they come and go faster than the British weather changes. While that neon tracksuit might be all the rage now, do you really want to look back in ten years and wonder what on earth possessed you? Opt for classic, timeless pieces that will stand the test of time.

Think about the legacy of your photos. Will your grandkids be in stitches over your choice of 2020s fashion, or will they admire the enduring elegance of your style? Keep it timeless, my friends. You want to cherish these memories, not cringe at your fashion choices.

Coordinate with Each Other

Now, let's talk about the two stars of the show – the couple! Coordinating doesn't mean wearing matching outfits like a pair of living, breathing emojis. Instead, think complementary colours and styles. You're a team, after all.

Avoid looking like you raided each other's closets in the dark. If one of you is rocking a bold pattern, the other might want to go for a more neutral palette. Harmony is the goal, not a clash of fashion titans. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity to showcase your couple style – just make sure it doesn't end in a 'who wore it better' scenario.

In conclusion, your pre-wedding photoshoot should be a delightful preview of the love story that's about to unfold. Keep it comfortable, be authentically you, steer clear of fleeting fashion fads, and coordinate like the power couple you are. Your future selves will thank you when you're flipping through the photo album, reliving those magical moments with a smile and a sigh. Happy posing, lovebirds!

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